Read the case and follow the instructions in the end. write a 1500+ word report apa style
The word limit includes the main text (including in-text citations). The word limit does not include the title, abstract, table of contents, tables and figures, reference list and appendices (Though I would not expect many or any appendices in this report).
For any citations and references, please use the APA v7 referencing system.
Based on the information you have, develop a project plan for the Sakura Bank K.K.
operations improvement training programme, to share with Tao, the Managing Director of
Kloud BV. This should include:
• Project timing: complete a critical path analysis, create a Gannt chart, and consider
any uncertainties in time estimates.
• Project costing: create a project budget and consider options for ‘crashing’
• Project resourcing: create a RACI matrix to determine the key responsibilities for
those involved in the project.
• Project risk: Note any risks you are concerned with and possible mitigation