Q1. Identify TWO (2) topics that we have covered for EACH topic:
(approximately 1.5 pages for each topic;
Topic- Business Analytics at a Functional level
Topic- Artificial intelligence
1) Briefly explain the topic and your understanding/interpretation of it
2) Describe how you related to this topic in the course,
3) Explain how this topic will enable you to be a better and more effective professional
(and student, if applicable) and how you immediately plan to use this skill and
knowledge for your development
Q3. The current pandemic situation due to COVID-19 has disrupted our lives at all levels:
personal, professional, educational and social. (approximately 1 page; Total 5 points)
1) From your observations identify and explain at least 2 (two) instances how business
intelligence and analytics is being used to monitor the current situation and help in
decision-making. (2 points)
2) How do you assess the efficacy and effectiveness of the current approaches (you
identified above) and explain briefly to what extent they are successful? As a BIA
manager, explain briefly how you would implement business intelligence and analytics
measures to prepare for the future in your organization to plan for pandemic situations?
(If you are not currently working, you may answer this question as a student or employee
of an organization you plan to work for in the future).