Purposes for Students –
to increase awareness of the multitude of technological resources available to teachers and parents to support children’s reading development
to consider the benefits of using online resources to reach parents
to emphasize the significance of partnering with parents for children’s academic success
to begin to develop an understanding of how to support the unique needs of bilingual or English language learner (ELL) families
Procedures –
1. Locate the ColorinColorado website.
2. Explore the numerous resources within this link, as well as the partner site, which is written completely in Spanish.
3. Answer the following questions (Two page minimum) :
What are some ways teachers can help parents of English Language Learners to support their children in their reading development?
What are some ways teachers can build strong parent-teacher partnerships to improve ELL students’ success in school? (See link within “For Families” section of the website.)
Writing contains insightful and or critical analysis. Discussion of implications for personal and professional functioning.
Organizes and synthesizes evidence to reveal insightful patterns, differences, or similarities related to the question. States a conclusion that is a logical extrapolation from the analysis of evidence/data presented.
Readings and videos from the module are referenced and discussed in the paper. New readings, websites or videos are referenced in the paper. References are present in proper APA format.
Proficient use of grammar with minimal grammatical errors. Sentences are structured effectively and powerfully, with appropriate sentence style and length. Assignment contains 2 or fewer errors.