Please write a 2- to 3-page paper (excluding the title page and reference page(s)) using APA 7th Edition Format and Style.
The topic of your paper is ‘cross-functional teams (CFTs)’
Please include the following points in your paper:
Describe a cross-functional team (CFT) which is setup in a health care organization to address service excellence. Remember to include on the CFT representatives from both clinical and non-clinical areas of the organization and describe their functions (e.g. administrator, physician)
Describe the five (5) stages of team development in terms of your CFT
Make sure to include specific examples from your CFT in every stage of the development process (e.g. In the stage of ‘forming’ – explain how your team orientates itself to the team goal)
Please remember to include at least three (3) references in your paper.
APA Resources – 7th Edition