Part B – Delete and replace this section. What you’ve written about for emerging features are not emerging features. This is how to do it:
I recommend Techfite purchase Microsoft Azure Sentinel because it makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which offers three emerging features known as anomaly detection, data ingestion and predictive analytics. (Next, go online and write a two-sentence definition for each of these three emerging features). BE SURE TO USE THE PRECISE WORD “emerging features.”
Part C – Begin this section with a NEW FIRST SENTENCE SAYING, “I have chosen the Gartner STREET method as the adoption process which uses six steps known as scope, track, rank, evaluate, evangelize and transfer.
Part D is fine.
Part E – Begin with a NEW FIRST sentence that simply says, “I will compare Microsoft Azure Sentinel to AWS Cloud Watch.”
Part F – Delete and replace like this. This is original so you can use it.
The method I have chosen to determine whether or not the adoption of Microsoft Azure Sentinel will be successful to meet Techfite’s needs is the number of logs analyzed. This proposal will include a plan to take a test measurement to discover how many logs the company currently is capable of analyzing and this number will be used to establish a benchmark from which a future goal will be set. Later, a future goal will be to set to have an increase of 80% in the number of logs analyzed. After a 120-day trial period, a second test measurement will be taken and if it will show that the number of logs analyzed will increase over the first measurement, then success will be met and the organizational goal to automate log scanning will be achieved.
Part G – is not a conclusion. Part G is the references. DELETE THE CONCLUSION because a conclusion is not necessary and it does not count toward the requirements.
References – You need to make revisions to your paper which will CHANGE the references. Some might be added and some might be removed. Revise references FIRST; next, match all references with corresponding in-text citations. Remember, each reference must have a minimum of one matching in-text citation using APA style.