Outline Assignment Description
Now that you’re familiar with Argument Structure and Fallacies, it’s time to make decisions on how you will organize your Research Essay.
Creating an outline is an important step in the writing process that is often overlooked. You will find, though, that taking the time to outline your argument before writing your first draft can save you much frustration and help avoid a common complaint–Writer’s Block!
For this assignment, you will need to create a Micro Outline, that is, a full-sentence outline that incorporates and cites sources you will use.
Begin outline with your thesis statement. Then, using either the alphanumeric or decimal outline format, create an outline of your body paragraphs–do not outline the Introduction or Conclusion!
Outline Requirements:
Title for Research Paper
Clear, specific Thesis Statement below Title, flush left
Create outline of Body paragraphs in alpha-numeric OR decimal format
No ‘hybrid’ version or ‘bullets’
Full sentences that incorporate and cite sources for essay
Double space throughout, using 12 pt. font
You must have a draft of your Outline ready before we meet for [optional] online Conferences the week of November 15th. The focus for Conferences is to review the content and structure of your Research Paper before writing a draft.
Final Research Paper Outlines are due by 11:30 pm Friday, Nov. 19th.