By the end of this assignment you should be able to:
1. Identify basic concepts and research findings (SLO1)
• Describe the symptoms and treatment of several categories of psychological disorders.
As you will learn in Chapters 9 and 10, there are MANY psychological disorders with multiple treatment options available. Unfortunately, we cannot cover all in class, so this provides you with an opportunity to either explore one we discuss in class in more depth, or select another disorder you are interested in learning about. Also, as research grows, we continue to learn more about causes and risk factors, as well as, new treatment options. You will have an opportunity to share what you learned with your classmates, so we all can benefit from what you find and create.
Step 1: Pick one of the disorders you read about in Chapter 9 and learn more about it in order to make a “At-a- Glance” page with details about the disorder. Visit the National Institute of Mental Health and search for the disorder, read through the information, then scroll to the section on “Research and Statistics” or “Journal Articles or Reports” to find helpful links to outside information. Look elsewhere as well for details about the
prevalence, signs, symptoms, details, treatment options, and research related to the disorder. Keep track of all of your sources as you investigate.
Step 2: In a format of your choosing (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Canva,, Photoshop, Google Doc, etc.), create a 1 page visual that includes the following information about the disorder:
• Description
• Prevalence
• Causes and Risk Factors
• Treatment options (include at least one)
• Recent Research (referencing at least one research article within last 10 years)
• Either as a footnote on the same page, or on a separate page, include the citations in APA format
Step 3: Submit your assignment to the D2L Dropbox for grading. If you don’t include your APA formatted references on the image you created, please include them on a second file.
Need ideas? Psychology students are sharing their work with the world. You will find some examples of
disorders At-a-Glance projects on sites like Flickr or Wikimedia Commons. Of course you do not want to
copy this work, but rather use it for some inspiration.
This assignment is worth 10 points. To earn full credit, focus on the following:
• Creates a simple, yet visually interesting design. 2 points
• Includes detailed sections including the description, prevalence, causes and risks factors, and
treatment options. 5 points (one point for each section)
• Clearly explains at least one recent research article (within the past 10 years), summarizes key
research, and includes APA references. 3 points