Looking back at what we’ve done this semester, reflect on how you can use what we’ve learned in other courses, in careers you’re considering, and in your daily non-school and career life.
Review this semester’s learning
Think of future applications for research, writing, and thinking done this semester in the realm of: 1. other classes 2. a possible future career, and 3. daily life
Quote material from at least 4 readings (textbooks or Carmen links), 3 lectures, 2 quizzes, 1 announcement and its attachments, and what you learned from 1-2 collaborative annotations
Be specific about applications. For example, which specific classes can you think of where a reverse outline might come in handy? How could using concrete language be helpful in daily life? How about analyzing without judging something as “good” or “bad” in your professional or personal life? And thinking of working on projects where you’re invested in answering a question?