Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1. Which game company’s forum do you think is the best player community forum on the market? why? What is the difference between it and other forums? Please analyze in depth and explain the reasons in detail.2. What do you think are the most important work content for the community before the game is launched (about 1 month ago), during the launch (about 1 month before and after), and after the game is launched (about 1 month later)? When operating social media, what kind of community indicators should be paid attention to. Please specify the reason.3. (Please use the selected market language and answer according to the provided context)The government organized a creative drawing competition. In order to ensure the rights and interests of the participants, it is stipulated that no plagiarism or secondary processing shall be allowed for the entries. One of the participants won the third place after being judged by the judging and voting by the players. After the list was announced, some players reported plagiarism of his work. According to my legal judgment, this work does not constitute plagiarism, but it is by no means original. Some of his works copied the work of a certain movie hero.Now, 10% of forum users state that the official encourages plagiarism, and 20% think he does not constitute plagiarism. The official has decided to withdraw his qualifications for the second creation.Topic: 1. In the face of this kind of public opinion issue, how should community members deal with it? Please list the handling plan, sequence and announcement content. 2. As a community member, how can you avoid it next time?4. Take Honkai 3 as an example. The Valkyrie’s birthday is coming. Please prepare an event plan and use social media platforms to celebrate her birthday! (Valkyrie chooses arbitrarily)5. Please recommend KOLs suitable for cooperation according to the game characteristics of Honkai 3 and Genshin, and analyze the reasons in depth. The upper limit is 3 respectively.
Requirements: 500