Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing question and need guidance to help me learn.what I need is for you to create a power point with writers note, long enough for me to Record a 10–15 minute video after with the reflection on practicum experience, the development of your capstone project, and your personal and professional growth over the course of your RN-to-BSN program. I below have attached the capstone project. is a handout or a brochure. I need to make a power point of the reaction I got from the audience I selected. “mother with young kids been diagnosed with diabetes at young age.” use this intervention Feedback Form Note: Please include this feedback in your capstone video.You do not have to submit the completed feedback form; it’s simply a guide to help you capture patient, family, or group feedback about your intervention.Meeting date(s).
Length of the meeting(s) (in hours).
Location(s) of the meeting(s).
Describe the problem you were addressing.
Why was this a problem for the patient, family, or group?
What was your intervention?
How will the patient, family, or group apply the intervention?
How often will the intervention be used and under what circumstances?
How easy was it for the patient, family, or group to use the intervention?
Describe any challenges associated with the patient, family, or group’s use of the intervention.
Were instructions necessary?
What did the patient, family, or group say about using the intervention?
Was the intervention helpful?
How will the patient, family, or group continue to use the intervention
Explain how the intervention positively or negatively affected the patient, family, or group’s life.
How can the effect be measured?
Requirements: 12-15 slides