Learning Goal: I’m working on a music writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.SMaterials: Read chapter 6, An Introduction to the Elements of Music and Basic elements of musicInstructionsFIRST: Read both options below, choose ONE, and compose and post your response.Regardless of which option you choose, the word requirement is a minimum of 400 words.Option A: Musical ComparisonOption B: It’s K-pop! 1 Choose one of the following artists: Bessie Smith, Sarah Vaughan, Youssou N’Dour, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, or Miriam Makeba. 2 After making your selection, do some research on the artist and their life and impact and then listen to 3-5 of their songs. Choose one of these songs to write about. 3 In your first paragraph do the following: a Using your research, provide a brief biography of the artist, b Identify the artist’s musical style, and explain how their music has influenced music across the globe. 4 Choose a song by the artist, and in your second paragraph, write the following:. a Introduce the song and describe how the artist uses the basic elements of music in the piece. Use at least 3 terms from the reading in your discussion. b Offer a brief analysis of the song’s meaning. Cite specific musical elements and/or lyrical content to support your analysis. 5 In a third and final paragraph, write the following: a Discuss what drew you the artist b Discuss how their work made you feel and whether or not you’d listen to more of their work in the future. 6 Post a link to the song you chose for paragraph 2 so everyone can listen to it. 7 List resources, in MLA format, you used in a works cited section at the end.
Requirements: 400 words