Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Values is a subjective topic and personal values can vary from person to person. Organizations also have values. Continue to research the topics of personal values, organizational values, and recruitment & selection. Write a 3-page paper discussing how personal values impact organizational values and what can be done during the recruitment process to better ensure values alignment. Lastly, reflect upon a challenge(s) you see or have seen at your organization (or a previous organization) and share what you think should be done to address it (them). For this assignment you should incorporate a minimum of two references per page (6 references minimum for the whole paper). You may use your textbook as a source if you like along with other scholarly/peer reviewed sources. Wikipedia and blogs are NOT considered scholarly sources and should not be used. Essay services are not allowed in the completion of this assignment as this should be original and a reflection of your work. In-text citations must be incorporated into the body of the paper in addition to a full APA citation on the reference page.
Requirements: 3 pages   |   .doc file