Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.An introduction is needed for my thesis. 10-12 pages long. The subject is Achieving benefits from food quality management systems (FQMS). The introduction needs to be written according to the outline I have uploaded as an attachment bellow and in respect to the comments made by the professor ( highlight and text contained in the outline) . I have also uploaded my entire thesis along with the original introduction should that be useful. The introduction should be aligned with the rest of the thesis. A+ writing skills are required, please do not bid unless you are completely confident you can deliver. APA format ( references, literature should strengthen the writing) . Any change in the format should be highlighted with orange colour, every reference used should be stated in the text and in the reference list ( withh orange colour again any new add in the reference list). after this introduction that we also worked together, now we go to the next step, literature literature review. you continue in the file of the introduction that you already wrote. some parts that in earlier files were marked as to detailed, might be used now. i hope you have keeped them.
Requirements: 20-25 pages   |   .doc file