Learning Goal: I’m working on a management and need to help me learn.You have been told that the HR Director is pleased with the work you have completed for the organization and would like to take your contribution to the next level. She would like you to review several strategic reports on the organization and provide feedback on how you think Southwest HR should move forward.Review the recommended sources in addition to your own research.Compile a strategy recommendation to the HR Director to be used for company-wide decisions. Include the following information in your report:An executive summary of the HR strategy project
An analysis of current strategies and issues
Identify the type of strategy Southwest Airlines is following.
Identify 3 HRM implications for Southwest Airlines.
Develop and justify business strategies for each of the 3 HRM implications.
Determine an HR strategy.
Use at least 2 sources other than those provided. Review the following sources to assist with your recommendation:SOUTHWEST AIRLINES COMES OF AGE.docxSouthwest Airlines HR Success Story
SWOT report in detail on Business Source Complete: SWOT Analyses in the University Library
Format your citations according to APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.ResourcesCenter for Writing Excellence
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