Learning Goal: I’m working on a global health presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.For this portion of the assignment, you will record and upload a 3- to 5-minute video presenting your paper.Videos can be recorded using any software or tool, but all videos are required to be uploaded to My Panopto Videos for assignment submission.You can also use the Panopto Desktop Recording tool to create your video.Click here (Links to an external site.) for detailed Panopto instructions.Be sure to cover these key areas:Summary of crisis event
Public health issues encountered
The healthcare agencies involved
Lessons learned
Recommendations for an effective emergency preparedness plan
Recommendation: Use a PowerPoint slide deck as a visual aid, including title and reference slides, in addition to your content slides.Tips for an effective video:A 3-minute video is generally about 1-1.5 pages of written work.
It is a good idea to script out what you would like to say and practice before you record.
Include an introduction and a conclusion in your presentation.
Use of visual aids if optional; however, using PowerPoint is highly recommended, as it makes the presentation more formal and professional. Note – Including both ‘Title’ and ‘References’ slides in the slide deck will assist with the introduction and source citations within the presentation.
Use APA to verbally or visually cite and reference any sources that you use. (An example of a verbal citation might be as follows, “According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website, quote, ‘Congress recognized that advances in electronic technology could erode the privacy of health information.’ end quote.”
Dress professionally.
Requirements: 1 days   |   .doc file