Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Podcast theme: ”All about Adam Sandler”Poscast Episode: ”Best Comedy Movies”In your podcast episode, you will verbally cite 2 sources to explain where your information came from. Conduct some in-depth research for your individual podcast episode. Find two credible sources of information that you will use in your podcast episode. Provide the following information for your podcast:Title, author, date, and URL (if using a web source) in APA format for two sources.
Brief one-paragraph summary of each source.
Where you will use the information from the source in your presentation.
How you plan to verbally cite your sources in the podcast.
Outline50 first dates, Just go with it, zohan Remember that an outline is different from an essay. An outline uses bullet points and phrases versus complete sentences. Your outline should contain all of the following elements clearly labeled:Introduction (10%)
Introduce title of podcast and one-sentence summary of podcast from Group Project Part 1. Important note: This should be exactly the same for every single member of the team!
Topic and purpose of your individual podcast episode
Body (80%)
3-4 main points that you will cover in the body of your podcast
Support for your main points in the form of research, statistics, personal story, examples, testimony, etc. Be sure to alternate between fact and story for each of your main points to generate interest and engagement
Conclusion (10%)
Restatement of the topic and purpose of your individual podcast episode
Clincher or final thought
Requirements: 500-800