Learning Goal: I’m working on a c++ report and need support to help me learn.Description 1Control statements in C++• With the help control statements (branching / looping), write a C++ program, algorithm and draw a flowchart to find the factorial of n integer number entered by a user. 2Tow dimensional array• To write a C++ program to create M and N matrices & perform a multiplicationoperation. The answer need to be stored in a variable W3Familiarizing with stringoperations & functions• With the help of function write a C++ program to arrange 5 names entered by a user in descending order. 4Familiarizing with Matlab• Use matlab / octave software to solve the given equation Y=5(x)+3• plot x & y• label the axis • enable the grid• give a title as (plotting y=5(x)+3
Requirements: good enough   |   .doc file