Learning Goal: I’m working on a business law writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.CO1 Assess the legal environment of business.CO2 Explain how ethical frameworks shape business decisions.CO10 Assess laws applying to antitrust and consumer protection. Google has been involved in either a consumer protection or an antitrust problem. Use Google as the subject of your paper. You are provided a source link in the table about Google to get you started. You will need to conduct more research about Google as well as the applicable ethical frameworks and lawDefine and discuss Google’s legal issues, the ethical dilemma and two ethical frameworks:Exemplary level is 2500-3200 words (10-12 pages). Length excludes title page, references, abstract. Exemplary level of performance states 7 sources, at least 2 of which are from Trefry library and none of which are from excluded sources (e.g. Wikipedia). APA 7th Ed.Attached is 7th APA guidelines document.Attached to the chat log will be a reference guide as well as 2 sources to use from the Trefry library
Requirements: 10-12 pages   |   .doc file