Learning Goal: I’m working on a art writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.In May 1974, the visionary German artist Joseph Beuys flew into New York City’s John F Kennedy International Airport and was immediately taken by ambulance to a room in West Broadway’s René Block Gallery. But he was not ill, or even in pain. Carried by stretcher, which was covered in his signature layer of felt, Beuys shared this solitary space with a coyote – a wild beast, often considered to represent America’s untamed spirit – for three days. It was a performance, entitled I Like America and America likes Me, taut with caution (the animal at first was erratic, and tore apart a blanket in the room), but one that was ultimately a success: the coyote grew tolerant, accepting, simply through Beuys’ desire to heal.It’s a potent, profound image, and one that today is as prescient as ever. The United States of America is in a troublesome situation as a declining global power, having to now deal with the failings of modernity and late capitalism.In this seminal video entitled I Like America, And America Likes Me, Joeph Beuys is making a statement about “coming to America” as a foreigner and what that is like to try to assimilate into a world where you are alien. Why do you think the artist chose to take this action and how is this a “healing” experience? Also, is this action in any way connected to the Native American experience? Is Beuys perhaps referencing their experience of being displaced in the worst possible way? MUST BE at least 500 words and have 3 citations from 3 different sources
Requirements: 500 words