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Athletic director chad Valadez
Last year was my first year as ad and I wanted to start new traditions for our current kids here at oak park that built abound the history and tradition that was already here at oak park, because for a long-time oak park was one of the most dominate schools in the northland. But the reality of Staley being built and students getting spilt has made it hard for oak park to get back to that place of dominance. So, for me having our programs all working to similar goals regardless of the talent we have then I feel like that will allow us to build community where we will be successful in athletics regardless of the skill. So, the concept of the blue bloods is if we have representatives from every MSHSAA activities offered here at oak park. That includes all sports plus band, choir, theatre, debate really anything at competes, and so the idea is to take that group of kids each season to meet twice allowing those kids to be a voice for the program. if they are able to speak like for example girls golf who don’t get a lot of attention or fans coming out to watch them play, like other sports get, you know they kind of do their own thing, but they should get the same voice as other sports like volleyball or football that get more people out to watch. Blue bloods is a term from colleges that have a history of success and tradition of not just winning but across the board that repeats year after year. Part of why it repeats is because of culture and vision and a command place across the board. That’s what I want from us here at Oak Park on and off the “court”, and since were blue on blue it made perfect sense. (List of blue blood characteristics in black folder). He wants all blue bloods to be voted on by the kids and the coaches to go over the flyer so that people voting know what to look for in their leaders. The list is a tally of all the characteristics that coaches wanted to see in their athletes. He wants the younger kids to see the list and see that everyone will be far better off using the list then if not. The list is a mindset. he understands that to be a person that embodies the list is a hard thing but that’s the point focusing on the process of becoming great is what will continue to dominance at Oak Park again. He also wants the blue bloods to be player that perform he understands that not all great leaders have to be amazing at their discipline, but he thinks at the end of the day that our best player needs to be the ones leading the team. In a perfect world in 5 years the current fifth graders will be sophomores so if they have heard the characteristic of what a leader is from early on then when they’re in high school they will be able to really put this information into the programs.
The biggest goal for the kids is he doesn’t want to be talking at the meetings he brings in people to talk at the meeting who are great speakers, but he also likes to look for people that went to oak park. He just wants to buy the food for the meeting and get to listen to the kids run the program as peers. He wants blue bloods to be something known by everyone, that blue bloods are the leaders for their groups at Oak Park and how they lead. The third goal is that the kids can apply want they learn in their time as a blue blood to wherever they may take their next step.
The blue bloods have a target on there back the are the ones that everyone should be watching on how to act. Like when there is an issue in the hall or with this or that their voice should be heard and if they are truly a blue blood people will respect them and people will listen. There should be a lot of pressure for these kids. He personally talked to all the kids about what he expects from them and asked what they expect from the program.
Softball for 3 years, Carley Freeman
the most leadership I’ve had before this one would be tutoring a first-grade classroom.
To me being a blue blood would be taking charge of me team and being the one everyone up looks to, to be able to make change.
I am proud of being a blue blood I feel like it includes me more in the school and gets me involved in something else and everyone looks to me when they need something.
I feel special for being able to get to lead them and have them all look up to me and I feel like it’s a very important job and I feel honored to be able to do it.
Getting more people involved and getting us out there more because a lot of people don’t know our blue bloods and we can’t help if were not known.
My teammates voted for me at the beginning of the season.