Instructions for the research paper:
1. Select only one question of the questions listed 1 – 9 below.
2. Select a writing style and be consistent with it.
3. Write a paper of 10 maximum pages addressing a topic.
4. You are welcome to use surveys, applied mathematics, principles of
microeconomics/macroeconomics, quantitative methods and other types of research
tools to support your arguments.
5. Formatting: You are to write with 1.5 spacing with justified style formatting, use clear
paragraphs and headings for your paper.
6. Use footnotes as long as your work shows sufficient references (i.e. do not just rely on a
single author, I want to see heavy research, (at least 3 – 5 footnotes per page). You may
also use another style of writing such as the MLA format.
7. Do use other reference materials, you are not required to stick only to the class
8. This is a research intensive paper and you must make sure you make extensive use of
library resources.
Write a paper of publishable quality addressing that specific topic of choice:
Question 1:
Map out major trade routes for a selection of three different types of cargoes in world trade and explain the economics of those trade routes in as far as it relates to freight rates, seasons and geographical aspects of those trades.
Question 2:
A group of wealthy business persons wish to invest in ship operations. Consider the specifics of the ship operations market and advise this group on the most beneficial forms of charters. Warn the group about ship cycles and possible revenue projections.
Question 3:
Return on the shipping investment (ROSI model) is a point of major concern in the shipping industry. Explore this point using specific examples around the industry. In your answer consider what is meant by the four components of ROSI, i.e. EBID, CAPP, DEP and NAV.
Question 4:
What is the important of ship market indices to trade? In addressing this question make reference to tanker trades and at least two other market indices.
Question 5:
Choose any historical topic on maritime economics and consider why such a study is relevant for modern study.
Question 6:
Write a paper on modern ship sales and make reference to real life case studies where this activity supports business.
Question 7:
Which multi-nationals can be said to most dominate world trade and why? You can use economies of scale as part of your analysis of this question.
Question 8:
Write a paper based on any topic of your choice that is not included in the questions listed above. (E.g. Impact of a sinking of an EEE class ship etc. /IMO 2020/CYBER SECURITY, BLOCKCHAIN, ship of the year etc.)
Question 9:
Write a paper on any specific port/a maritime technology/cyber security case study and its impact on international trade.
Question 10:
You may explore trending topics such as the blockage of the Suez Canal etc.