In this semester you learned that Native Americans (indeed, Indigenous peoples around the world) suffered from wars, famines, diseases, and the “good” intentions of well-meaning outsiders. In one video this semester, even well-meaning doctors performed illegal (or unethical) sterilizations on Indigenous women supposedly to help them fight poverty. Engineers also claim their work serves to improve the wellbeing of humanity. However, the above videos and discussions in class show that engineering projects, too, can have damaging effects on Native peoples.
Using the above videos and the materials from the lectures you must write a FIVE-page paper in which you analyze the problem posed by these videos. Are engineers (unwittingly/unintentionally) contributors to the oppression of Native Americans or not? Be sure to address the problem from all angles. Your exam will be graded on your ability to analyze and articulate the issue. Your essay must include a thesis statement. My advice is to outline your essay first and only complete introduction with the thesis statement last.