In this assignment, you will use course concepts about communication to analyze a conversation. The goal is to help you to sharpen your communication skills. I will provide you with an example of a conversation between a supervisor and employee to analyze (“Take the Rest of the Day Off”). Your assignment should contain the following elements:
Develop a two column description of the conversation. In the left-hand column, list each part of the conversation verbatim. In the right-hand column, next to each part of the conversation, describe what you think are the unexpressed thoughts and feelings of the speaker when speaking these lines. This does NOT count towards the page limit of the assignment.
Provide a one paragraph summary of the topic of this conversation and whether you think Mary has helped Bill.
Analyze the conversation using the tools and frameworks about communication we discussed in class on October 21. First, identify specific places where the conversation does not seem to go well. Then, explain why the conversation is not going well by considering the conscious and unconscious challenges of communication, the ladder of inference, or other concepts we discussed in class.
For EACH speaker identify at least THREE parts of the conversation (6 total) that could have been more effective if they had used advocacy-inquiry statements. Include the specific rephrasings of each part of the conversation AND why your suggested rephrasing would have made the conversation more effective.
Think of an example of a recent conversation you have had where you could have been more effective by using advocacy-inquiry statements. Describe the situation, what you said, and identify at least two critical parts of the conversation in which you could have been more effective by using advocacy-inquiry statements.