In this assignment, you will be expected to present, a social situation that is or should be recognized as a significant social problem. You will need to use your knowledge acquired throughout the course in addition to doing short research in the literature to complete your pitch.
Your 5-6 page work should contain the following structure:
• A short introduction (½ page)
• A current presentation of the social problem (1 page)
• The summary of 2 to 3 scientific articles (or chapters of a book) which shed light on the social situation (2-3 pages)
• A short presentation of a social work intervention appropriate to this situation (What form of intervention? What type of approach?) (1 page)
• A conclusion (½ page)
The following should be part of your job:
• Key concepts relevant to your explanation.
• A coherent and supported justification of your chosen social situation.
• At least 6 sources including 3 scientific sources.
• Neat writing and impeccable layout.
o Word format
o Times New Roman, 12
o Normal margin
o Double line spacing
o Text justified
• Clear citations and bibliography
• The conclusion should include in a few sentences a personal reflection on the social problem described in your work.