In recent years, the journalistic and political language surrounding the role of anthropogenic factors that affect climate has shifted significantly, with the terms “climate crisis” or “climate catastrophe” now routinely used to describe their impact. For this assignment, you will find, cite, and discuss one news article (not video) from a “traditional” outlet (i.e. CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, WaPo, NYT, etc) where the terms “crisis” and/or “catastrophe” are used as a modifier to climate change in either the headlines or text of the article to describe some observation (i.e. rising sea level, animal extinction, extreme weather event, etc.). You will write 2-3 pages in which you answer the following questions:
1- How exactly does the author tie the observation to anthropogenic climate change?
2-What does the author offer as a solution to remediate this observation? If a solution is not offered, explain why you think this to be the case.
3-Does this author exhibit characteristics that qualify the individual as trustworthy?
4-What evidence does the author provide to back up their position? Where is this evidence provided (in the beginning, middle, end, or throughout)? If none is provided, explain how you decided whether the author’s claim on its own is or is not believable and why.
5-Discuss how you might evaluate the plausibility of the claim independently. For extra credit, you can perform a literature survey to support or refute the author’s position.