In 4-5 pages, describe your beliefs about guidance in the early childhood years.
Your paper should be a summary of your beliefs about how children ages 0-8, and in particular preschool children, are best guided in classrooms settings. It should include your beliefs about the role that the systems in which children develop, the environment, and interactions with peers and educators play in shaping children’s behavior.
Be sure to include support for your beliefs, drawing on theories, research, approaches, professional/lab experiences, etc. Be sure to define, describe, and cite the concepts you identify. You must be specific and technical in your citation of textbooks, research, and theories (i.e., use APA style and include a references page.).
A prospective employer, graduate program, etc. should be able to read your statement and understand your beliefs about child guidance, and what has informed those beliefs.
Type your paper in double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font. Number your pages.