I need a two-page paper (can be between 1 and 2 pages as long as you answer the questions thoroughly) to cover the following questions:
Integrate at least 3 counseling approaches from your textbook in a treatment scenario in which you are a counselor for a client with a history of interpersonal problems and alcohol abuse.
In what ways can a client’s spirituality provide solutions for his or her struggles? What common themes are shared between spiritual and therapeutic perspectives?
Discuss the benefits of using an integrative approach with a client.
Discuss some of your own cultural influences that could impact your counseling and how you might incorporate cultural knowledge of different cultures based on an integrative approach.
*You must answer in terms of the multiple theories of behavior from a therapist perspective. As a therapist, incorporate particular definitions of multiple theoretical concepts and techniques from the textbook in your practice when working with clients.*
7th Edition APA format and plagiarism-free.