I need a rhetorical essay of 600-700 words. It is important to create the thesis statement including APA format for citations, including quotations, paraphrases, and summaries.
It is important to include items such as the following:
-The article’s rhetorical situation
-The credibility of the author(s) and the journal
-The rhetorical intentions of the author(s)
-An analysis of the intended audience
-The content of the article, including the main idea, research methods and results, and lines of reasoning
-The author(s)’ rhetorical moves
-The purpose of citations
-The strategy of the conclusion
Common errors:
-Using all or most of the essay to summarize the content rather than to write a rhetorical analysis
-Omitting the Reference section at the end
-Omitting in-text, parenthetical citations for quotations, summaries and paraphrases, and other aspects of APA formatting.
Please make it as per the student’s point of view.