I need: a cover page, 100-150 word Abstract, 2000 word essay (double spaced, times-new-roman font size 12), and a references page.
The Abstract must contain: a summary of your findings
The Introduction must include: background information, definition of terms, and thesis
The Body must include: developments, description, examples, evidence, and charts/tables.
The Conclusion must include: re-statement of thesis and summary of research
The Essay must be 6 paragraphs long. 5 paragraphs will not be considered.
The References list must be the same sources used for the previous assignment (annotated bibliography) which is attached to this project below (please see). There should be five. Each source must be cited at least once in the essay.
The entire essay must be completed in APA format.
Please see Rubric attached as well as the References attached. Research Essay Sample Assignment Information is also attached for further reference. A Paragraphs Presentation Information is also attached for further reference. Also attached is the previous assignment that I submitted, an Annotated Bibliography & Essay Proposal, that is a very good reference and guide for completing the research essay and also includes the sources that must be used in the essay.
Final Draft of Research Essay must receive under 30% score from the Turnitin Self-Check ( This will show that it is not plagiarized. I will put the essay through this self-check and send it back to be edited if it is not under the 30% score. This being said, please give lots of time for editing, if necessary.
Again please see attachments for references and guides to completing this research essay.
Please ask if you have any questions! 🙂