How to Begin:
First, locate the sources you have selected to work with for your Expository Essay. Remember: you will use the one source from Week 5 that pertains to your chosen topic. Then, you will read an additional source depending on the topic you have chosen.
If you choose to write about social media, your second article is: “Benefits and Costs of Social Media in Adolescence,” (Links to an external site.) by Yalda T. Uhls, Nicole B. Ellison, and Kaveri Subrahmanyam
If you choose to write about the marriage trend, your second article is: “Middle Class Marriage is Declining, and Likely Deepening Inequality,” (Links to an external site.) by Richard Reeves and Christopher Pulliam
Next, read and annotate (take notes, highlight, underline, pose questions, respond to) your source. Your goal is to ensure you understand the main points of your two sources.
Then, write the full APA reference for both sources using the APA Resources – 7th Edition module and begin writing your annotations.
How to Annotate:
Write two paragraphs of annotations for each source. The information included should be as follows:
Paragraph 1: Summarize your source. What topic is being covered? What is the point of the article? If a friend asked you to describe the article, what would you say? Remember – summaries are objective, meaning they do not share your point of view.
Paragraph 2: Reflect on the article. Is the author credible? Why or why not? How can you use this source in your essay? Has it changed your perspective on your issue? You will learn more about assessing source credibility in RealizeIt Module 6.
How it Should Look:
Review this example to see how a student successfully completed one source for their Annotated Bibliography (remember you are required to submit an Annotated Bibliography with two sources). Remember, your APA citation needs a hanging indent, and the entire annotated bibliography should be double-spaced.