Hi. would you like help me to write essay?
Here is an Instruction:
For this Paper, you will write an Argumentative essay, three to four pages long, plus a Works Cited page. Choose one question from the list of Five questions and write an argumentative essay based on “The Yellow Wallpaper” and your choice of any other story assigned for this class. In the list of five questions, I paired “The Yellow Wallpaper” with each of the other stories assigned for this class. Therefore, whatever story you choose to pair with “The Yellow Wallpaper, you will find an essay question/Prompt for that story. Choose the question you are most comfortable with and write your Argumentative essay. Remember to choose only one question. Read the Prompt carefully, answer all the questions asked of you in the Prompt in one coherent, substantive essay. Use evidence from both stories to support, / back-up your claims, and use MLA in-text citation to credit your sources.
And here is the question I chose:
C. Some writers claim that Mental illness is a common theme in both “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and in “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner. Do you agree or disagree with this claim? If you agree, discuss fully how each author develops the theme of mental illness in his or her story. If you disagree, discuss fully why you disagree, and show what a common theme in both stories might be. Remember to have a clear, specific thesis; develop that thesis in the body of your essay, and support your argument with evidence from both stories. Use MLA in-text-citation to credit your sources.