For your final exam, please write a full page (at LEAST one page) summary of what you learned in this class. I’m not looking for facts, like “what year was J.S. Bach born”, but rather…what concepts about music history did you learn that you didn’t know before? Were there any parts of music history that surprised you? What were they? What era of music do you most enjoy, and why? Do you think…knowing what you now know…that listening to music will be a different experience for you than it used to be? Why? Will music now impact your life in some different way than it used to? If so…how? Where do you anticipate music to be more impactful to you than it used to be? Will you listen to movie music differently? Will you notice what music is playing in the stores and restaurants that you frequent? Will the significance of music be in any way changed from what it used to be? Why, or why not? Some of these questions probably sound very similar. This is because I really want you to reflect on your interpretation of music BEFORE you took this class, and compare it to your NEW interpretation of music now that you have taken this class!
Any final thoughts about the class in general?
You only need to submit your post…there will be no responses to others. Please make sure it is thorough, deeply thought out, and articulately written. Your grade will be based on the quality of your work and the deeper your insight, the more points you will score. You Final Exam is worth 100 points, so it absolutely CAN impact your grade significantly…positively, and negatively! I expect college-level work, and your grade will reflect that expectation.
Your Final Exam is due by Thursday (12/9) evening at 11:00 p.m. Good luck!