For this Final Portfolio, you will submit one single document that includes the following
three parts:
1. A Reflection Essay
This essay will frame the rest of the portfolio for your reader. The reflection will include
an appropriate introduction and conclusion, explain how your three chosen assignments
show your growth as a writer, and explain your writing/revision decisions for your
Persuasive Paper. This essay should be at least 2.5 pages long. We will discuss this
reflection essay in class.
2. Three writing assignments from this semester that show your growth as a writer
For this section of the portfolio, look through the writing you’ve submitted this semester
(both small and large assignments). Then, choose three that show how you’ve grown as a
writer. Maybe you’ve grown by learning to write strong thesis statements or topic
sentences. Maybe you’ve grown by learning to pull evidence from texts and use citations.
Maybe you’ve grown by learning overall essay structure. Once you’ve chosen your three
assignments that show your growth, you will simply paste them into the Final Portfolio
document. You do not have to revise them. Please label them with the assignment title
from Canvas.
3. Revised Persuasive Paper
For this part of the portfolio, you will return to your Persuasive Paper. First, you will add
your Works Cited page. Then, you will add another reliable outside source to the paper.
This means that your revised Persuasive Paper will use On the Come Up and two outside
sources when you submit for the final.