For this assignment, you are tasked with choosing a live global campaign (include visuals of the campaign in your report) for an international brand of your choice.
1. Provide a detailed overview of the campaign NOT the company.
a. What markets is this campaign live in?
b. What is the message of the campaign?
2. Profile the target audience of the campaign including Demographics and Psychographics.
3. Identify and outline the target strategy of the campaign utilised. (This is NOT the customer target- it is the market target strategy you need to include)
4. Evaluate four promotional tools and methods that are used in the campaign and explain whether you think they are effective or not, and why.
5. Outline two reasons why you think having a digital element to a marketing campaign is important in the current competitive market environment. (Your reasons must be supported by research)
6. Outline two ways in which this campaign could be enhanced.