First Assignment
Course: Environmental Health
Summarize at least three articles on environmental health that you have seen in a recent newspaper (published over the past week). The summaries must be in your own words, not just a partial or complete restatement of the article abstract.
In your journal entry, please
• List the URLs of the articles you are summarizing.
• List the key takeaways from the articles.
• Reflect on what aspects of each article is relevant to the Bronx, New York Community.
o Note that even if the factual material is not directly relevant, other aspects, such as regulations or even study methodologies will be relevant.
Second Assignment
Testing the Toxicity of Chemicals
When testing for chemical toxicity and saving human lives, most of us would agree that no shortcuts should be taken, and no expense spared. It is also true that some experts believe that live-animal tests are better for toxicity testing than tissue assays (in vivo vs. in vitro testing), and human subjects are far superior to animal subjects. Therein lies the question. Reflect on your feelings about the resulting conflicts of animal rights, human rights, and balance these against the strengths and weakness of using human volunteers, animal models, and living cells for testing the toxicity of environmental chemicals. Present a persuasive argument for your viewpoint yet be certain to acknowledge points in favor of the opposing view. Demonstrating balance in an argument is a critical component to addressing community challenges. You must back your opinion with cited short quotes from at least two Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) and acknowledge the opposing views of an equal number of cited credible sources.