Final Assignment: Creating a Successful School
Value: 35% of final grade.
Dec 17
Students are to select an issue relevant to supervision of a school setting. Background information regarding the issue as well as strategies for increasing a school’s effectiveness as it pertains to the issue will be explored. For example, a mentoring plan for newly hired teachers may be designed or students may choose to develop an evaluation tool to assess teacher performance.
Students can choose to complete this assignment using paper format, PowerPoint presentation, video, etc. A minimum of 10 scholarly references in addition to the course readings should be used. Paper assignments require a title page and an abstract and must conform to APA guidelines.
This assignment ought to reflect the following time spent in development:
3500 words;
I will attach the rest of the book shortly and links as well you need to add outside sources I will need you to answer my question as well about the last graded paper please.
The principles of anonymity and confidentiality must be respected. Be certain to follow guidelines for ethical research; the principles of anonymity and confidentiality must be respected.