Discussion in apa format:
Under the content tab a folder labed discussion board in which there are articles and resources to help you with the assignment. Your text book also has genetics in most chapters that you can use to identify a disease process. The grading rubric is attached to the assignment.
Genomics is the study of the entire set of genes found in living things and is being used in healthcare to address issues related to health.
1. Explain how knowledge of genomics can be used as a framework in the nursing process, regarding, the nursing assessment.
2. Give an example of a disease process that can be identified through genetic testing, what assessment findings should the nurse be looking for and what patient teaching should the nurse implement.
3. There is now increased access to genetic testing which is moving away from trained genetic health professionals to consumer which brings a host of ethical and legal challenges. Identify a legal or ethical issue associated with genomics with supporting rationale.
4. Identify a BSN essential that correlates with the use of genomics in health care with supporting rationale.
5. There are six QSEN competencies. Identify a QSEN competency that best fits with the use of genomic information as an adjunct to the nursing assessment with a supporting rationale