Discuss what makes The Red Balloon a classic Children’s Film. Some of the points you may want to address (though not ALL) include the following. What elements in the short film do you think identify The Red Balloon as a children’s film? How does it also relate to an adult audience? How would you express the ‘message’ of the film as it may address children’s issues? How does the film’s framing of the relationship in the film between character and environment open up the possibility of metaphorical or symbolic meaning? These are all possible avenues you can explore, but remember it is not enough just to claim it is a children’s film because of x, y, and z. In other words, a good paper will not just describe how and why it is a children’s film, develop a thesis topic that expresses an analytical viewpoint on the film. An excellent background resource for the children’s film is the documentary A Story of Film and Children (Mark Cousins, 2013), which can be streamed on the Kanopy platform, available through Concordia which I will link on Moodle. The film may give you some ideas on how to frame your essay around the notion of a children’s film. But watching this documentary is just a recommendation, not a requirement