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In your opinion which one of the following reasons as to what caused the Civil War is most valid and why?
The North and the South had two distinctly different economic systems, agrarian versus a budding commercial industry so it was an inevitable conflict.
The role of states’ rights to govern their own affairs, versus the right of the federal government intervene in those affairs was the most important reason for the Civil War.
Sectionalism which resulted in constant fighting over the expansion of slavery was the main cause of the Civil War.
The Abolitionist Movement in the North was fighting a constant propaganda campaign against the South and slavery which turned violent with John Brown ultimately leading to the Civil War.
It was Abraham Lincoln’s fault because he was a man whom the South believed would take their slaves from them when elected President of the United States at the end of 1860.
The Marxist perspective: that the American Civil War was fought between The Union (Who based their economy on “wage slavery.”) versus The Confederacy (Who based their economy on “chattel slavery.”, both subdivisions of Capitalist economics, or the private ownership of the means of production. Therefore, it was theoretically impossible for these two subsystems to coexist peacefully in any economy; so, the Civil War was fought to determine the future of capitalist production.