Directions: Write a standard, well-organized, well-developed five paragraph essay in response to the following prompt:
The insanity defense is often used within the criminal justice system for individuals that have committed various violent crimes. Some examples of these crimes are murder, serial killing, terroristic acts, crimes of passion etc. Many feel that the insanity defense is highly misused and is nothing more than a tool to assist criminals with escaping the justice system, while others feel that mental illness is truly the cause of certain specific heinous acts of crime.
Choose a position and write an argumentative essay. To support your overall argument, remember to include a thesis and topic sentences in each subsequent paragraph.
This is NOT a narrative essay prompt; therefore, first or second person pronouns should not be used in your essay! Also, this is NOT a documented essay which means that you should NOT use quotes or other sources to support your argument, nor should you have a Works Cited page!