Course: Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy
1) Select a theory/approach or combination of theories discussed in the text that you believe is/are the most comprehensive in helping you understand clients’ issues.
(1) Describe the theory or theories underlying assumptions about human nature.
(2) Explain why you believe this or these approaches are the best.
(3) Explain how the theory or theories you select align with the biblical view of persons and human conditions.
(4) Give an example of a condition in which you would use these or this theory.
This assignment should be completed according to the following criteria:
1) Page number should be between 7- 10 pages (not included cover or reference pages), double space, Times New Romans 12.
2) APA (7th edition) format should be followed. In-text citations are required
3) There should be no less than 5 academic references, including research journal articles and textbooks (website articles are not accepted unless these are actual academic sources)
4) Your paper should be completed with a cover page, abstract, introduction, appropriate subheadings, as well as a conclusion, and reference page