Choose either of these Topics:
1. Many different tactics have been devised to enhance compliance. Think of the three multiple request tactics we discussed in class. Discuss these three different tactics, providing relevant examples for each. Which one do you think works the best? Provide justification for your response.
2. What are social norms, and how do they impact us in our day to day life? Do expectations about our behaviour change as we get older? Provide examples and evidence for your response.
(Attached the classroom discussions and slides)
Overview of an A essay Introduction has a clear and accurate statement of the question to be addressed, and highlights the importance of the question (e.g., for society or theory).
All main concepts are defined and explained at each stage of essay
Empirical evidence is systematically approached, and accurately and succinctly described. Appropriate details conveyed.
Critical thinking is evident in consideration of the theory behind the subject and the way it has been put into practice either through research or in the real world.
Studies are comprehensively evaluated, and integrated into argument
Throughout, the essay sticks closely to a scientific argument that does not make over-generalizations from the included sources
Conclusion is comprehensive, provides specificity, and follows from main body to give an evidence-based answer to the question.
Appropriate referencing (e.g. attribution; APA formatting) throughout.
Fluent and clear writing, with a logical structure.
BSA format. Clearly reflected answers. You’re not just citing, but that you have gone into the textbook. And then sometimes the textbook will give you references to like seminal papers, key things that we’ve talked about that maybe I haven’t. So for example, you’ll be, if you cite the Asch study itself as opposed to the textbook that is meaningful to me, right? It means that you know that you’ve, we’re talking about Ash, we’re not talking about Hogan bonds version of ash. I want to see that you are able to be really clear and comprehensive, that you have a clear introduction and a clear conclusion so that your paper start, your essay starts with outlining what it is you’re going to talk about and that your conclusion reaches a really good point. And that you haven’t introduced for information in your conclusion, right? I’m not looking for a reference section, but I am looking for accurate citations throughout the essay. So in text citations, the way that you did it in the week. Great. And I am looking for a good logical organized response. So take for example, in your week successes, I was looking for you to follow those bullet points through. That was your kind of structure for the essay. And if I felt like you had kind of twister things around to the point where I couldn’t quite follow what it was that you were doing. That made it harder for me as a reader to follow your arguments. That’s a simpler kind of thing that I wanna see here. I want to be able to follow the argument. I want to see that there’s a clear logical structure to what you’re talking about.