By the end of this assignment you will be able to connect and apply what you’ve learned over the semester to at least two of the following major learning objectives:
1. Identify basic concepts and research findings (SLO1)
2. Solve problems using psychological methods (SLO2)
3. Provide examples of psychology’s integrative themes (SLO3)
Psychology is the scientific study of human experience, and that makes the content of psychology deeply personal. As you learned, we all unique individuals with diverse perspectives and it’s valuable to reflect on your own unique experience and learning as we conclude this course.
For your final essay, I want to know:
What do you consider to be the most important ideas from General Psychology that you will take with you after this class is complete? In constructing your response to this question, do each of the following:
Instructions Step 1:
• Identify the five most important things you learned in this course. Rank order them so the most important is number 1, the second most important is number 2, and so on.
• For each of those important things, explain what the concept is, and explain why it is important to you. An “important thing” could be a concept — think bold-faced term — or a research finding, or a topic we discussed in class. Please do not list entire chapters.
• Lastly, explain how each of your important things fit one or more of the psychological themes. Explain why you think this.
The psychological themes:
A. Psychological science relies on empirical evidence and adapts as new data develop.
B. Psychology explains general principles that govern behavior while recognizing individual differences.
C. Psychological, biological, social, and cultural factors influence behavior and mental processes.
D. Psychology values diversity, promotes equity, and fosters inclusion in pursuit of a more just society.
E. Our perceptions and biases filter our experiences of the world through an imperfect personal lens.
F. Apply psychological principles can change our lives, organizations, and communities in positive ways.
G. Ethical principles guide psychology research and practice.
Step 2:
• Save essay document as .doc, .docx, or .pdf. This should be typed in 12 pt. font and double spaced.
• You will submit this document to D2L Brightspace Assignments by the due date listed on the course calendar.
This assignment is worth 50 points. To earn full credit, focus on the following:
• Clearly define your five most important things and explain why these are important to you. 30 points (6 points for each item, both identifying and explaining)
• Explain connection of each important thing to one or more psychological theme and reflect on why you think this. 15 points (3 points for each item)
• Use appropriate APA formatting and citations. 5 points