Build a case study of Ebenezer Scrooge. Define terms when used, develop your logic, and provide clear examples. Within the case study address the following:
Submit as a word processing (e.g., Word) or rich-text document. Please use headers and bold text for relevant terms when incorporated]
1. Connections to Social Psychology
Explain why Scrooge’s story, A Christmas Carol, is compelling, exemplifying the science of positive psychology? Give 2 reasons, presenting your logic and connecting to lessons learned. Be detailed. (4 points)
2. Resilience and Contexts
a. Explain and exemplify: What are the connections you see within Scrooge’s story that exemplify the following from the Week 4 lessons:
i. resilience (2 points)
b. How do Scrooge’s experiences in Staves 1 and 5 demonstrate the role of positive emotions in negative contexts? Be detailed, and provide examples. (2 point)
3. Values and Motivations
a. Explain and exemplify: What are the leading theories, concepts, or empirical findings from the Week 5 lessons that you identify as relevant in the explanation of Scrooge’s expression of values before and after transformation (2 points).
b. Critically evaluate: What lesson(s) from Week 5 best accounts for Scrooge’s behavior in Stave 1 and his transformation in Stave 5? Present your logic clearly. (2 point)
4. Positive Psychology Interventions
Synthesize: In what ways does Scrooge’s transformation from Stave 1 to Stave 5, OR an example of another character in the story, empirically validate positive psychology interventions? (4 points)
5. Relevant Questions
Design 2 questions with the answers, you would have included in this Reflection and Application Quiz if you were writing it. Scoring will be based upon focus on clear assessment of key concepts mastery from the assigned Weeks 4-6 lessons. (4 points)
6. Conclusion:
a. What is your greatest takeaway in applying positive psychology concepts and theories to the case analysis of Scrooge, as depicted in Staves 1 and 5 of A Christmas Carol? Explain. (2 points)
b. What did you discover through applying positive psychology concepts to the story? (1 point)
c. How did the case study help you reinforce your understanding of, and bring about reflection on, positive psychology? (2 point)
Attached below are full instructions to help clarify the assignment. ONe word document for and answer sheet and the other the instructions.