Build a 3-way comparison/contrast essay (each genre should be compared/contrasted with each other genre) discussing the relevant spaces (mental, material and social) of popular musical production and consumption within the genre formation and social history of Salsa, Punk and Hip Hop. Your work should concentrate on NYC in the 1970s and 1980s.
Your paper should develop evidence-based comparative historical conclusions about the contexts that we have examined in this module. Your ideas and evidence can detail and extend your comparisons and contrasts concern themes and issues that we have probed in our course such as commodification (ex. top-down vs. bottom-up); identity and power (ex. ethnicity, class, race, status, lifestyle); social/mental/material spaces (ex. visions, stereotypes, neighborhoods); and the transnational (ex. how these musical forms emerge and travel).
No other additional materials beyond our assigned course materials should be used.