Assignment: 14: Paper 4
Deadline: 12/1
Grade: A-F
20 percent of your final course grade
Word Limit: 1000-1500 words
Topic: Reflection Paper
Assignment: This is a paper in which you reflect on your writing over this semester. This is an incredibly difficult time. Pandemic has disrupted education and normal life. Despite these circumstances you continued to grow as a writer in this class.
For this paper: reflect on how your journey as a writer during this semester and in the extraordinary time of a pandemic.
This is a personal narrative paper. Here are some tips:
1. Write in first person. Meaning, write as I, me, my etc.
2. No need for any research, citations or works cited page.
3. No MLA formatting.
4. It is a personal narrative essay. Think as if you are writing a letter or a journal.
5. Reflect on how you were as a writer at the beginning of the semester, what challenges you faced, how did you manage to write these papers in this moment of pandemic and distance learning, what were your struggles and frustrations, what did you learn, what changed in you, what new skills you picked etc.
6. This is a reflection paper, so there is no outline for template. But I want to see genuine reflection, articulation of your thoughts and feelings about writing as well as your life journey as a writer. Your authentic voice should emerge.
7. The essay should captivate the reader, as if you are telling a story, it should have a title, clear introduction and conclusion. Be articulate.
8. Edit. Revise.