Assessment Description
Conflict is an inevitable part of working in higher education student affairs environments. Managing conflict takes finesse, patience, and the ability to be an active listener moving through an ever-changing landscape of student personalities and individual priorities. Whether students are roommates, student leaders, or students at large, disagreements occur within the educational setting. Conflict prevention begins by developing knowledge, resiliency, and coping strategies to assist students in crisis in managing their conflicts.
Develop a tri-fold brochure to coach students on managing and navigating conflict.
Address the following:
Introduce your brochure with a rationale that will grab the attention of the students.
Discuss policies and protocols to minimize or prevent conflict on a higher education campus.
Identify knowledge, resiliency, and coping strategies required to assist students in managing conflict.
Develop methods for student leaders to coach peers in addressing necessary conflict in a manner that is beneficial.
The brochure should include graphics that are relevant to the content, visually appealing, and use space appropriately.
Support your brochure with 3-5 scholarly resources.