2) After writing your introduction, your paper should have three main sections:
(a) First, describe the central dogma(s) that all evangelicals agree on with regard to your topic. You should find the answer to this in the section of the chapter called “The Center and Its Contrasts”
(b) Second, fairly and accurately explain each of the views discussed in your chapter. – I believe there is a God
(c) Finally, explain which view you find most convincing and why. Include a discussion on which arguments persuaded you toward your view, and which arguments (“objections”) convinced you that the other perspectives were not as strong. Be sure to use good theological method in this section — i.e., use the categories of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral to defend the view you have chosen.
3) Formatting Your Paper, Etc. – the paper must be a minimum of 5 full pages (NOT including title page or bibliography), using 12 pt. font, 1″ margins, and double-spaced. If you are only using material from Across the Spectrum, the lectures, and your Bible, then you don’t need to make a bibliography. You don’t need to cite ideas that you take from Across the Spectrum unless you use a direct quote (in this case, simply cite the page in Spectrum). If you do use other sources beyond these, please create a bibliography and use a proper citation method (you can use any style you’d like: APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).